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Gadgets to look forward to in 2017

With the year nearly coming to an end, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to look forward towards the future and check out the latest technology to look forward to.

Here are some of the latest gadgets to look forward to next year.

The “Welt” Belt


If you’re wondering what exactly “Welt” means, is it the brand name that’s short for well-intelligent. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary leather belt, but if you look closer, you will notice that the buckle has a micro USB port. The Welt Belt provides five functions – counting steps, time spent sitting, measuring waist size, report when eating, and to hold pants up apparently.

Welt collects data that you can view on its companion app to help you take notice of your habits. Additionally, it can provide a plan on how to stay in shape.

SGNL Bracelet


The SGNL is a bracelet that turns your hand into a phone. This works through the advantage of basic physics to transmit sound through your hand. The wristband works with all sorts of watches with standard straps. The bracelet works through producing vibrations when a call is received. Sound travels through the bones or your hand rather than through the air.

The companion app connects to your smartphone as all you will need to do press a finger to your ear. This benefits our need for privacy as a microphone is placed on the wristband.



The Prinker is a temporary tattoo printer that transfers your designs from your Android phone to your skin. It is incredibly easy to use and can be created within minutes. You can download an image or create one yourself and send the picture to the mini printer.

With a list like this, there’s only more to look forward to in 2017. Stay tuned to find out what else is coming next.

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