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How Technology is Changing the Dating Game

If you haven’t already noticed, trying to find a date in 2016 is much simpler than what it was nearly five years ago. What many of us may have experienced where those nervous phone calls which are now replaced with a less menacing text.

It is no doubt that technology and social media has improved our social lives is many ways. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are free and easy means to stay in touch with loved ones living near or far, find jobs boost the business reputation and even find love in the digital world.


Here are a few reasons why:

Contact is Made Easier

What used to require plenty of courage, now it made simple. Pursuing someone used to require long waits sitting by the phone or hand-written notes. Now, one would have click and send a message within seconds. The benefit of this is that distance or a busy schedule is no longer a barrier to dating.

Not-So-Blind Dates

You can find out a lot about a person, without having to meet them. You can check out their profile that often depicts where they are, what they are doing, and even what they had for lunch. But even with extensive details, the truth is, you’re never really sure who that person is.

Private Life became More Public

Depending on most people, frequent status updates allow others to see changes that are happening in your life. Have a new relationship? What happens when the relationship comes to an end? Friends on Facebook are more able to look back at your history and see the timeline.

Interpretation Can Be Difficult

One’s actions on social media site can lead to a lot of misinterpretations in sending signals if someone is interested or not. If one posts on your wall at least five times a day, is it a sign that they are too needy or obsessive? What if they don’t “like” or comment on your photo, does that mean he doesn’t like it?


While technology has seemed to change the dating game, it has helped the relationships of many couples around the world who aren’t able to near each other for days, months or even years at a time. While virtual flirtation can lead to the beginning of a relationship, conversation and affection should never be replaced, even in the digital world.

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